The Anti-Resolution Workshop


December 14 // 11am

December 15 // 2pm

Why Anti-Resolution...

You're starting to think of the resolutions you'll set on January 1st, just like every year.

But you'll approach this time next year and realize you are at the same place, or worse!

Your wishes and resolutions and great - what's missing is a real and actionable plan.

One that aligns with who you want to be.

And creates harmony in your life.


Now more than ever you're feeling the pinch and don't know where to begin.


The stress and pounds have crept up and you don't want to try another fad diet.


As much as you to plan and prioritize, your calendar is overwhelming.


your host

Steph Winger - Life Performance Architect

Steph is the visionary behind "The Right Blend" framework, a unique initiative designed to equip women to achieve greater productivity without sacrificing precious time for themselves and their families. 
As a coach, Steph brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to help women navigate the often challenging struggle between career and personal life. With a nurturing approach, she guides them towards finding that perfect blend, ensuring professional success while still enjoying the richness of family life and feeling aligned with their personal values.


Angie Ross - Certified Money coach

I love to help people utilize their money to achieve their financial goals by calming their cash flow chaos. The system I use focuses on evaluating and managing your cash flow (so you're not stretching between paycheques), setting and achieving your financial goals (vacations or home upgrades?), creating and implementing a spending plan (yes, you can still have Starbucks), and most importantly feeling more confident and empowered with your money!


Abby Grubbs - Certified Health Coach

Abby is an anti-diet Health Coach who believes that all foods can fit in a healthy lifestyle. Her company Salad and Sweets was created so that women could experience joy, freedom and confidence in their everyday life! Her goal is to help women create a healthy relationship with food and their body without dieting! She received her training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition*, where she studied a variety of dietary theories and practical lifestyle coaching methods.

What you'll learn....

*why budgets and diets don't actually work

*how to get back control of your finances and fitness, without sacrificing the things you love

*you will leave each day with a real plan to survive the holiday season - both financially and physically -

AND start the new year with more than a wish list.

What you'll get....

*An hour with an Anti-Budget and an Anti-Diet expert

plus a Performance Coach!

*worksheet templates - take ANY GOAL & make your own plan

*workshop recordings

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